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Happy World Internet Day!

Coffee makers. Telephones. Wheelchairs. Microwaves. Our world is full of inventions created by brilliant and resourceful people. While we should celebrate ingenuity in all the ways it enriches our lives, it’s hard to think of many that have impacted our lives as much as the internet. Today, we celebrate World Internet Day. On this day… Continue reading Happy World Internet Day!

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An Army of One

Berger is Joseph’s wretched counterpart. Instead of being celebrated and honoured by society for his work, Berger was met with hostility and ridicule. Raphael Ginzberg, who worked with Berger, comments as follows in 1949: “There can be no doubt but that Berger was the sole creator of electroencephalography. He let nobody into the secret of his investigation. What he achieved, he achieved by his individual effort.”