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by Bolade Afolabi Marketing Monday: Having Trouble expanding your business. We Can Help Expanding your Business can be done in many ways! Create an eye-catching logo to increase brand awareness! #nonprofit #smallbusiness #creative #Calgary #Calgarymarketing #nonprofit #creativeservices #communicationservices #Christian #fundraising #helpingbusinessesthrive #planethope

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St. James the Great

#nonprofit #smallbusiness #creative #Calgary #Calgarymarketing #nonprofit #creativeservices #communicationservices #Christian #fundraising #helpingbusinessesthrive #planethope by Patricia St. James the Great July 25th is dedicated to St. James the Great, a patron saint of Spain, and one of Jesus' first disciples. Known to have spread the Gospel throughout Spain, he puts into action what the bible tells us:… Continue reading St. James the Great

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Saturday Showcase – Fundraising Services

#nonprofit #smallbusiness #creative #Calgary #Calgarymarketing #nonprofit #creativeservices #communicationservices #Christian #fundraising #helpingbusinessesthrive #planethope by Jasmine Saturday Showcase - Fundraising Services: Fundraiser support, grant writing, campaign planning and execution! We can help! Planet Hope offers a variety of creative services, including fundraising services! Our fundraising services provide you with support and guidance as you plan and host… Continue reading Saturday Showcase – Fundraising Services

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Wednesday in the Word

#nonprofit #smallbusiness #creative #Calgary #Calgarymarketing #nonprofit #creativeservices #communicationservices #Christian #fundraising #helpingbusinessesthrive #planethope by Angel Wednesday in the Word: "And let the beauty of the LORD our God be upon us, And establish the work of our hands for us; Yes, establish the word of our hands." PSALMS 90:17 The Lord works in mysterious ways and… Continue reading Wednesday in the Word

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Emefa Tagboto- Human Resources Manager

My name is Angela Emefa Tagboto, but I go by my middle name, Emefa. I am the Human Resources Manager at Planet Hope Christian Enterprising. My family is originally from Ghana in West Africa, however I was born and raised in the UK. I moved to Canada during secondary school, and completed my bachelor’s degree… Continue reading Emefa Tagboto- Human Resources Manager

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Jackson J. Liang – Assistant Executive Director

Hi my name is Jackson, I am completing my 4th Year Bachelor of Business Administration - Accounting Degree at Southern Alberta Institute of Technology Polytechnic. With future goals of obtaining his CPA Designation. As a dedicated and detail-oriented accounting student, I have been part of SAIT's Accounting Society VP of Administration. Which has assisted in… Continue reading Jackson J. Liang – Assistant Executive Director

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Jasmine Lei – Revenue Supervisor

Hi, my name is Jasmine Lei and I am the Revenue Supervisor here at Planet Hope Christian Enterprising. I am passionate about promoting the importance of wellness, self-care, and mental health. I am currently a high school student, but have gained work experience through founding and managing a nonprofit organization called Cards For A Cause:… Continue reading Jasmine Lei – Revenue Supervisor

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Patricia Lee – Revenue Manager

Hello, my name is Patricia, and I am the Revenue Manager at Planet Hope Christian Enterprising. My passions include music, education, and making a difference in the lives of those around me. My background includes a Bachelor's in Music and a Minor in Psychology, and I plan to pursue a Master's in Music Therapy in… Continue reading Patricia Lee – Revenue Manager

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Busayo Afolabi – Social Media Community Manager

Hi! My name is Busayo and I am the Social Media Community Manager here at Planet Hope Christian Enterprising. I enjoy meeting new people and getting to hear about their stories and passions. I am entering my third year in Engineering at the University of British Columbia this fall, and hope to one day use… Continue reading Busayo Afolabi – Social Media Community Manager

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Zohaib Rehman – Fiscal Clerk

Hi, I am Zohaib Rehman, the Fiscal Clerk at Planet Hope Christian Enterprising this summer. I am a 3rd year B.B.A. student at Wilfrid Laurier University. I am majoring in Accounting, minoring in Economics hoping to one day attain my CPA designation. I am very passionate about accounting and finance, as it is the heart… Continue reading Zohaib Rehman – Fiscal Clerk