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Planet Hope Crowdfunding Gift Request Terms and Conditions

We (Planet Hope and/or Ash&Emblem) so appreciate that you’ve partnered with Planet Hope on our crowdfunding journey. Before you submit your order, please read through these carefully. Please contact if you have any questions or concerns.

Privacy Policy

YouHelp and GoFundMe are governed by their own privacy policy for taking donations and personal information. Planet Hope is not responsible for third-party privacy policies. Information you provide on your Gift Request form are is used for the purpose of administering your gift. We may also add you to our mailing list for future contact. At the bottom of the form, you have the option to opt out of future contact once your Gift Request has been resolved.

We may contact you to inquire about using your images and/or custom drawings for promotional purposes. However, you are not obligated to agree and may decline.

GoGo Grandmothers Donation

Planet Hope has partnered with Ash&Emblem for this crowdfunding campaign to raise some money for GoGo Grandmothers ( and mutually benefit all three parties. This benefit may come in the form of monetary compensation as well as promotion. Contributions to Gogo Grandmothers from Planet Hope will be made after expenses for the campaign have been covered. We pledge to donate 20% of our net revenue (the difference between total donations and the total spent directly on the campaign) to GoGo Grandmothers, which supports families in Malawi impacted by AIDS/HIV. You will not receive any receipts for this or any portion of the donation.


We are so grateful that you chose to send us a contribution for our campaign. Please remember that your contribution to our crowdfunding campaign is a voluntary gift, not a sale. We will do our best to maintain the inventory to fulfill your gift request as quickly as possible as a sincere thank-you to you, but certain gifts may become unavailable. You may be asked to make changes to your requests, and regardless of the amount of your donation, may need to accept lower-tier gifts, fewer gifts than requested, a gift not currently listed, a gifted service, or no gifts at all. As your contribution was a gift, not a purchase, no refunds can be issued.

Please be aware that the images of the gifts above are examples only, and your gift may not be example as shown in actuality. This is especially true of the custom gifts. At this time we cannot guarantee the quality of the gifts you will receive from our suppliers, and no refunds or exchanges will be possible.


We cannot guarantee the length of time it will take you to receive your gift. Some of our supplies come from Canada, the United States, and Australia. The timing of your gift will depend on how long the order will take to fulfill, your location, as well as delays from the shipping service itself. We will do our best to keep you updated of the shipping times, and provide tracking numbers when feasible. Be aware that the custom Ash&Emblem sketches from Australia could take weeks to complete, and months to arrive. You can always reach out to if you have any questions or concerns about the length of time it will take you to receive your gift.


Ash&Emblem may contact you to discuss the specifications of your portrait, and/or to update you on the status of your portrait. They can send a digital version of your portrait just before shipping. Please provide high-quality photos where possible. Your custom drawing may not include all background or other details in the image you provide. Please contact Rebecca of Ash&Emblem to discuss details, comments, or concerns:

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