Planet Hope Christian Enterprising Service Terms and Conditions

Thank you so much for choosing Planet Hope to share and bring your dream to life – for yourself, your loved ones, or your organization. We are honoured to be part of this journey with you.

The terms and conditions as listed here are part of this contract and are subject to change with written notice to you, the Client. Material contract changes with notice will require new perusal and signatures before work may continue. This final copy is attached to this final Service Contract signed by a representative of the Client and a representative of Planet Hope.

Please read these terms and conditions before you sign your Contract. You can even print it out and read it over breakfast. If you have any questions or concerns about this information, please contact us.

For more info on our Statements of Faith please visit our website at

a.   Work Product Requirements

Planet Hope is dedicated to providing services to all, regardless of background, beliefs, or ability to pay. As a Christian organization, we require that none of our projects violate our Statements of Faith.

Statement 3 says:

“Christians are not perfect. Far from it. We are still broken, sinful human beings, but we are trying to move toward living in a way that honours God and the salvation provided to us. No Christian should claim to be perfect or even better than someone else, because then what does salvation mean? Only God is perfect. See 2 Corinthians 12:9“

Statement 6 says:

“We recognize the dignity, worth and value of every human, and look forward to working with and becoming friends with people from belief systems that are different from ours. We will produce content that seeks to highlight, explore, and understand topics contrary to our beliefs such as those below, in a respectful and God-honouring way. However, we will not produce work for Planet Hope Christian Enterprising that promotes: abortion, homosexuality, same-sex attraction, transgenderism, crime, unmarried heterosexual cohabitation, infidelity, gossip, violence, other gods, non-Biblical religions, course language, sexuality outside of marriage, Satan, degradation of humans, animals, or the environment, racism, racial supremacy, homophobia, sexism, drunkenness, drugs, or a particular political party. Other topics may be evaluated at our discretion. See Romans 1.”

b.   Service Term Length

We serve our clients on either a one-time, short-term, or long-term basis.

If you are a one-time client, we perform one or one set of services for you at a time. Each service application is evaluated on a first-come, first-serve basis. Once your service is complete, there is no further service obligation on the part of Planet Hope. Once the 30-day post-service warranty period is complete, there is no longer any service relationship between the Client and Planet Hope.

If you are a short-term service client, we perform a service for you for a period defined by the circumstances and scope of a single project. For example, we may provide day-of, on-site event support for two hours, or we may provide social media posts and interactions during a specific campaign period. Once the situation is over, and the 30-day post-service warranty period is complete, there is no longer any service relationship between the Client and Planet Hope.

Long-term Contracts are ongoing, roll-over automatically, and can be based on any length of time, whether determined by an event or circumstance or not. For example, Planet Hope may provide ongoing, regular social media posts, or plan and support monthly workshops. After the initial commencement period, the Contract will continue to automatically renew until either party cancels the Contract with 30 days notice. During the Contract period, discounts can continue to accrue and be applied to the next month of service. Once the 30-day service warranty has passed, there is no longer any service relationship between the Client and Planet Hope.

c.    Service Completion Deadlines

Planet Hope will make every effort to come to a mutually beneficial and agreed-upon deadline by which any service may be completed, which is the Service Contract Deadline. If a staff member is suddenly hindered from completing a project for any reason, Planet Hope will do its best to find alternate staffing. However, Planet Hope will not be held responsible for unforeseen circumstances that prevent our organization from completing a client’s project. If the Client experiences unforeseen circumstances that prohibit the project from being completed, or requires late cancellation, this may be accommodated without penalty to the Client.

d.   Attempts to Contact

Planet Hope will ask questions of the Client about the project or services within the project. A contact person must be available to respond to messages from Planet Hope within 24 hours. Some exception may be made for non-business day responses, however, for projects with short deadlines or that occur on non-business days, this exception may not be possible. A maximum of two secondary contacts is recommended. Secondary contacts listed by the primary contact are assumed by Planet Hope to be privy to all data related to the project and have all authority to make changes and answer questions related to the project. Emergency messages must be responded to within the same day. Planet Hope will not attempt to contact the primary or secondary contacts more than one time each and will not attempt to contact anyone else after this.

Planet Hope will not be responsible for service delays caused by lack of response or involvement from the Client. If more than 24 hours or 20% of the project time frame (whichever is more; the amount of time between the Commencement Date and the project deadline) passes without an answer from the Client, the project will be terminated without reimbursement to the Client, unless foreseen circumstances have occurred as described in section 3 above. The client will be responsible for any portion of cost related to the partially completed project, according to the portion the Client agreed to pay in the Service Contract.

e.    Conflict Resolution

The client has the right to discuss their project with the primary staff member(s) directly working on the project. The client and staff have the responsibility to voice any concerns or questions first to each other. If the issue is not resolved, either party may escalate their concern to Planet Hope’s staff supervisors, managers, or the founder, depending on the severity of the issue. Clients must bring forth any concerns about Planet Hope staff, representatives, or work product within 30 days of the final project activity or Service Contract Deadline, whichever is sooner.

issues related to work product are confidential between the Client and Planet Hope. The client may not bring their issue to the public unless they have first followed the steps above. Planet Hope holds the issues confidential indefinitely.

Planet Hope must comply with all relevant legal requirements while completing projects, in accordance with the laws of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, international bodies, and the laws of the Client’s location.

Professional, prompt, open, and courteous conduct and communication is required of all Planet Hope staff and representatives and is appreciated from clients in return. Any forms of abuse from clients will not be tolerated and may result in a termination of the project without a refund, and with Client responsibility for costs of partial project completion. Any civilly or criminally prohibited actions from clients toward Planet Hope staff, representatives, or property, will be reported to the appropriate authorities.

f.      30-Day Service Warranty

Planet Hope will do its best to provide high-quality services that meet the requirements and preferences of Clients. The Client may request revisions as needed as long as they are available to answer questions within 24 hours. Further revisions can only be requested based on the number of hours and business days before the contract deadline, at a rate of one-to-one. For example, revisions that Planet Hope estimates will take 1 hour or less can be made with at least one full business day until the end of the contract period. Revisions that Planet Hope estimates could take 6 hours must be made with 6 full business days before the end of the contract, which would be around 9 calendar days. The Client must be available to provide feedback for up to 3 revisions as requested by Planet Hope. Planet Hope will attempt to complete work based on as few contacts as possible to save the Client time, but may request the Client consult more often, and Clients must be available to answer questions from Planet Hope within 24 hours. Clients are entitled to a project update within 24 hours upon request, and Planet Hope will also answer any questions from the Client within 24 hours.

Clients must bring their concerns and questions about the project to Planet Hope within a reasonable time before the project deadline. A reasonable amount of time is determined by the severity of the concern, the time and effort it will take to resolve the concern, and the amount of time left before the project deadline. For example, it may be reasonable to request a small change to a project close to the project deadline, but it would be unreasonable to request a change that would take longer than the remainder of the project time to resolve, considering other activities yet to be completed, or the overall time originally allocated to the project.

Once the final version of the project is delivered or the project is cancelled, the project is closed, and the post-project period begins. The client has up to 30 days after the completion of the project to bring forth any concerns with how the project is performing. These complaints will be resolved according to the conflict hierarchy in section 5 above. Client satisfaction is Planet Hope’s priority, and some concerns may be eligible for a partial or full refund, or credit towards the next service. This is at the discretion of Planet Hope and to be discussed with the Client.

Within this 30-day post-project period, Planet Hope may occasionally contact the Client to request completion of satisfaction surveys, testimonials, referrals, or to feature part of the Client’s work in Planet Hope’s publications. The client has no obligation to fulfill such requests.

After the 30-Day post-project warranty period is over, there is no longer any service relationship between the Client and Planet Hope, and all obligations have now terminated.

g.   Privacy

Because Planet Hope has no single physical location, consultations between the Client and Planet Hope may occur in a variety of settings, including phone, text, email, in office, or in public spaces. Planet Hope cannot ensure the security of these methods of contact. If the Client has privacy concerns, they must contact the service provider or relevant authority.

h.   Confidentiality

Information learned about the Client during work on a project is considered confidential. It will not be shared with anyone who is not involved in delivering the service to the Client, and only the necessary information will be disclosed. Planet Hope does not sell anyone’s information.

If a representative of Planet Hope, during work with the Client, discovers any evidence of current or planned imminent crimes or harm, they will disclose the necessary information to the relevant authorities.

i.      Payments

At Planet Hope, we exist to ensure that everyone can have access to amazing services at a cost they can afford – even if that is $0. We rely on mutual trust and commitment from clients. However, clients must pay the service price they commit to paying, listed on their signed Service Contracts, which is determined through discussion during the Initial Consultation. The way they pay can be altered when reasonable, with notice. However, because Planet Hope has obligations to some paid Contractors, as well as software and other costs to be responsible for, the amount will not be altered. For example, if a client has agreed to pay a certain amount in full, but for some reason is unable to, they can request their payment be changed to installments. Clients must pay their entire Invoice within 6 months. Any unpaid amounts may be sent to a collection agency.

If a client chooses to prepay for a service through our website before their consultation, this amount will not be reimbursed. However, the Client will have six months to use their service. Voluntary donations are not considered prepayment for services.

Planet Hope discounts cannot be applied retroactively, for example to change the amount a client owes.

If a client has opted to make regular donations through our Pay-it-forward program, payments will be made through one of our crowdfunding sites. Clients are not obligated to pay this amount and can cancel at anytime on the crowdfunding site’s platform.

j.      Cancellation

If a client would like to cancel their project before it begins, a minimum of 20% or 10 calendar days of project time (whichever is less; time between Service Contract Project Commencement Date and Project Deadline) is required. For example, if the project time is 5 days, then 24 hours notice before the Commencement date is required. If the project time is six months, then 10 days (not 20% = 36 days) prior notice is required to cancel.

Planet Hope reserves the right to cancel the Contract with 15 days notice if funds from clients and/or subsidy funds are insufficient to meet Planet Hope’s financial needs. A notice will be served to the Client and the Contract may be renegotiated in terms of types of services offered, quantity of services offered, or the Client’s price.

What did you think? Do you agree or disagree with the ideas presented above?

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