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Totally Inadequate: Wednesday in the Word

Are you thinking of starting your own business? Do you want to be the boss? Or maybe you want to start small - like trying a new recipe? Or a massive shift into a new career? But you have no idea where to begin?

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Mother’s Day

The biggest takeaway is to make the person feel special and appreciated. Often motherhood is challenging. No manual goes along with children. It can be complicated and demanding. Usually, a thankless job with many requirements - long lists of to-dos', chauffeuring, mediating between fighting children, laundry, cleaning, and supper, to name a few. 

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Wednesday in the Word: God’s Thoughts

What little we know. What little we understand- is often faulty because we don't see the whole picture. He is the creator. He considers the entire image as an all-knowing and in control God. We try to figure it out - we run around and fret.

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Angels In Action Part 1

The "friends" know they will find hot soup to warm their bodies and other nourishing food when the van is around. One of these friends is "Angel," who relies on them. However, it's not a one-sided friendship. Angel is feisty and won't put up with any nonsense. She lets the boys know what is needed and what is not. The story of how she became homeless needs to be told. She speaks of feelings of isolation, being judged and labelled. Yet most people don't take the time to listen.