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First Day of Summer 2021

By Lana Obeid #firstdayofsummer #summer #sun #notforprofit #smallbusiness #creative #Calgary #Calgarymarketing #nonprofit #creativeservices #communicationservices #Christian #fundraising #helpingbusinessesthrive #planethope I look at the sky, the sun hides behind the curtain of clouds, a sign that it will rain again. The oxymoron of the day is that today is the first day of summer and should be… Continue reading First Day of Summer 2021

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Father’s Day

#nonprofit #smallbusiness #creative #Calgary #Calgarymarketing #nonprofit #creativeservices #communicationservices #Christian #fundraising #helpingbusinessesthrive #planethope #FathersDay #HappyFathersDay #AllFathers #celebration #holiday By: Lana Obeid Imagine sitting at a square dinner table where a family gathers to eat and drink to celebrate Father’s Day. There is one biological father sitting at the head of the table and his children and… Continue reading Father’s Day

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Wednesday in the Word

“Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn.” - Romans 12:15 Love is not just a feeling. Love is taking action. This verse shows a glimpse of how love in action should look. We should be happy with those that are happy. We should carry the burdens of others when they are experiencing… Continue reading Wednesday in the Word


Palm Sunday- a Time of Celebration and Remembrance

Palm Sunday is a time to remember Jesus’ triumphant entry as King! How did Jesus, a king, a saviour, enter? On a young donkey. He came in as a humble servant. Although, there were shouts of joy that he was King and, he is, and most definitely the King of kings, he came to this… Continue reading Palm Sunday- a Time of Celebration and Remembrance

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Zero-Discrimination Day 2021- Butterfly Freedom in a Covid Restricted World

Butterflies, the symbol of renewal, growth, a new creation, endurance, strength, beauty and freedom. A fitting symbol for this year’s Zero-Discrimination Day. Many people have had to endure and fight to flourish against discrimination. They have fought in many different ways, and one way being through awareness.  This year’s focus is on Covid-19’s vaccine distribution… Continue reading Zero-Discrimination Day 2021- Butterfly Freedom in a Covid Restricted World


New Writer – Lana!

Hi, my name is Lana and I am a Writing Intern here at Planet Hope Christian Enterprising.Sometimes I write large-extravagant-tall-with-a-long-evening-dress-purple-lipstick-heels-andwinged-eyeliner, type writing. Sometimes, it’s a-short-sleeve-with-marked-up-sneakers type of writing. Other times, it’s just a-polka-dotted-splashed-with-tie-dye-and-messy-hair-to-match writing. And most days, it’s all the above. It’s safe to say that I love being creative in my writings and if… Continue reading New Writer – Lana!