Statements of Faith

Hello there! As you know, we call ourselves a “Christian” business, but that term does not have a universally-agreed upon definition. It could mean all sorts of things. Christians believe different things from each other, some of it based on the Bible, some of it based on Culture, and some a bit of both! If you’re curious about what PHCE will put forth and support as an organization, read on. However, please keep in mind that each individual employee, contractor, supporter, client, or other representative will probably have slightly (or majorly) different views than us. We may update this statement as new information or perspective comes to life. At PHCE we are all about learning and discovering.

At PHCE, we believe:

  1. Jesus Christ is the only Son of God, creator of the universe, part of the holy trinity. He came to earth, born as a human, fully man and fully God. He lived a sinless life, renounced all temptations, and yet was scorned and hated by many. As part of God’s holy plan, Jesus was killed on a cross, and stayed three days in the grave. Then he was resurrected, witnessed by crowds, and gave the “Great Commission” to make disciples for him. Then he ascended bodily into heaven, leaving us the Holy Spirit. All of this he did as a way to bring justice for sin and close the gap between humans and God, so that anyone who believes in Jesus, asks for forgiveness of sins, repents of sinful living and receives the Holy Spirit has eternal life in Him. See John 3:16.
  2. All humans are sinful. No one is perfect, no one even comes close. We all need a Savior, and no one can claim to be better than someone else. All humans are made in the image of God and worthy of dignity, respect, and love, no matter their past or present choices, views, or lifestyle. The gift of salvation is available to all humans, if they sincerely ask for and receive it. See Romans 3:23.
  3. Christians are not perfect. Far from it. We are still broken, sinful human beings, but we are trying to move toward living in a way that honours God and the salvation provided to us. No Christian should claim to be perfect, because then what does salvation mean? Only God is perfect. See 2 Corinthians 12:9
  4. God is the only person to be worshipped, whether in the form of prayer, identity, or ultimate moral attribution. See Hosea 13:4
  5. We should seek first to please God and live the way He wants us to, forsaking the sinful temptations that come from ourselves, our peers, or the world at large. We must seek to honour God by taking moral stands and avoiding sin, but also by not putting down others who make choices that are different from what we believe or what we believe is the will of God. A “moral stand” does not involve standing on another human being’s head! See Matthew 6:33
  6. We recognize the dignity, worth and value of every human, and look forward to working with and becoming friends with people from belief systems that are different from ours. We will produce content that seeks to highlight, explore and understand topics contrary to our beliefs such as those below, in a respectful and God-honouring way. However, we will not produce work for Planet Hope Christian Enterprising that promotes: abortion, homosexuality, same-sex attraction, transgenderism, crime, romantic cohabitation, infidelity, gossip, violence, other gods, non-Biblical religions, course language, sexuality outside of marriage, Satan, degrading humans, degrading animals, degrading the environment, racism, racial supremecy, homophobia, sexism, drunkenness, drugs, or a particular political party. Other topics may be evaluated at our discretion. See Romans 1.

While we welcome clients, contacts, and friends of all backgrounds and beliefs, the specific work products we create together must not violate or seem to violate our statements of faith because we have chosen to hold ourselves out as a Christian organization. We’ve highlighted some key verses below, but we encourage you to read the surrounding text for more context and understanding. For a free online Bible from YouVersion, go to Thanks for reading, and many blessings to you and yours!


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