Frequently Asked Questions

What is Planet Hope Christian Enterprising and what services do we provide?

Planet Hope is a registered Canadian non-profit providing creative and marketing services. Our services are affordable and accessible to all, regardless of the ability to pay. Planet Hope’s vision is to provide a beacon of light for Christ in the business world. Allowing individuals to create and share dreams, while honouring the God of the Bible, the environment, and other human beings is at the heart of what we do. 

Planet Hope provides quality services from a Christian perspective. We assist individuals/organizations to achieve their goals that might otherwise be beyond their reach. We strive to reflect our statements of faith that guide how we present and operate as an organizational entity. If you would like to see a list of our services, please go to ‘Our Services’.

Are you guys incorporated?

Yes, we are Incorporated as an NFP Organization. 

Incorporation: As a legal entity, we are recognized by the legal system as having rights and responsibilities. Such as entering into contracts, purchase of land, borrowing money, having a business bank account, etc. 

  • It allows limited liability of its members.
    • Members are not liable for debt
  • Continuation of the organization is assured. 
  • It can own property in its name. 
  • Bring legal action to its name.
  • Receiving government grants
What is your hourly rate for services?

The hourly rate for Planet Hope services will be $50, or about half the current rate of marketing and communication services in Calgary.

Costs of services will be added up monthly and an invoice will be presented to you. Depending on the type of contract, you will then be responsible for the amount agreed upon. If the amount is $0, then no responsibility exists. 

An ongoing contract may be cancelled by either party with notice. If Planet Hope cannot find enough funding to cover the expenses of this project, we may need to renegotiate or suspend our contract. 

Hourly costs are subject to change as Planet Hope promotions and discounts change. In the end, we want to reach an agreement that is sustainable for both you and Planet Hope Christian Enterprising.

What is a subsidy and how do you guys cover full subsidy projects?

A subsidy is something Planet Hope and a lot of other companies offer if a client or customer cannot pay in full for the services or products they need or want. Planet Hope offers full or partial subsidy to clients who may need the extra help with their projects but can’t afford our base rate of $50 an hour. 
We cover partial and full subsidy projects by utilizing the grants we apply for as an NFP organization and the money we receive from our crowdfunding pages. We also use volunteer time when available.

What is the process of getting a project done through Planet Hope?

Thank you so much for considering working with Planet Hope on your next project. To help us get to know more about you, your business and your project we would really appreciate it if you took the time to fill out our Service Request Form. After we receive the form, we will contact you directly through your preferred contact method and set up an Initial Consultation meeting. This is an introductory meeting where Client Services and our CEO will meet you and discuss, in semi-detail, your business, your project, and what services we can offer to help you in your journey. 

After the consultation, if you feel that we can help you with your project, we will start writing up a Project Proposal. This is a general document that lists general descriptions of the services we talked about during the meeting, along with a rough estimate of total costs of your services over the discussed time period. We also use it as a way to make sure our Client Services department has a good understanding of your visions and goals as an organization. This is important for when they coordinate with the other departments that will be assisting with your project. Planet Hope operates on a month by month basis so this is by no means a solid project cost number and may be changed depending on the services we do for your project that month. So, if a service(s) needs to be renegotiated then we can definitely do that for you. 

Once you have approved of the Project Proposal and we have discussed, in more detail, the amount of hours and services you need to complete your project, Client Services will go ahead and write up a consultation agreement. This agreement iterates the terms and conditions between the client and Planet Hope. Both parties need to sign this so that Planet Hope can start planning the steps we have to take to complete your project. 

As soon as the consultation agreement has been signed, we can move forward into the final parts of starting your project which is signing the Project contract. This shows, in FULL detail, the amount of hours and services the project requires, and the closest estimated costs of your project. Again, this can be subject to change if Planet Hope requires more time to complete the service or if the client wants to change a service or hours. Please note that we will not be changing your contract without your permission first.

Once all steps above are completed, we can get started on your project!

Do you guys cover other fees like paper, event supplies, etc.?

Unfortunately, we do not cover extra material costs like paper, event supplies, etc. If a client requires assistance with materials printing or buying event supplies that would be part of the final costs at the end of your project contract with us. 

However, if you are part of our full or partial subsidy client program then we do try our best to cover all extra costs so that the final cost of your project fits a budget that you and Planet Hope are comfortable with.

I really want to work with you guys but I’m not sure I can cover the costs of your services.

The PHCE HOPE Program helps individuals and organizations to access our services at low or no cost. HOPE stands for Heroes of Planet Earth, people like you who are making a difference in the world through your own organization or donating to make a difference for the next Planet Hope client in line. If you would like to give or apply for a subsidy plan, please check it out!

What happens to any extra profit you guys gain?

All proceeds either go back into Planet Hope to help fund our basic materials and costs OR towards other clients that may need help funding their projects with us. Some clients are able to ‘pay it forward’ through tips and through our HOPE Business Plan, so that we can operate while still working to reduce barriers to accessing marketing services. It represents our core values and mission. Whatever is necessary to advance the organization’s mission. Overhead costs are investments in necessary infrastructure, including rent, paying staff, replacing old computers, repairing a leaky roof, etc.

I feel like I’m taking advantage of your services, is there another way I can give back?

Planet Hope is not in it for the money. Our mission is to deliver creative and marketing support services to people and organizations, regardless of their ability to pay us. We offer full subsidy programs because we want to help businesses and individuals going through a hard time, or wanting to invest in their dreams, but cannot afford regular market prices for our services. These services can be essential to anyone starting a business, wanting to plan an event, or even those who just need extra help with their organization, so we offer these services because we want to give back to the community and help others who want to give back as well.

Can I see some samples of what you’ve done for past clients?

If you would like samples of some of our work please go to our social media pages located at the top of our website. We will soon have a client portfolio page on our website as well, that will showcase some client projects we’ve finished.
In regards to social media posts, planning and interaction, what we do on Planet Hope’s social media is essentially the same thing we do for clients, except we cater to the theme and marketing that they have either designed or approved. We don’t post or upload content without your consent and approval first. We share all project documents with you and we do not go forward with anything unless you’ve clarified that it is ok.

Do I have to be Christian or catholic to request services or volunteer for Planet Hope? 

No, although Planet Hope is a faith-based organization, we accept clients and volunteers from all backgrounds regardless of their religion, gender, race, etc. We respect all people from all walks of life and want to create a healthy and safe work environment for everyone. We complete projects that don’t contravene our Statements of Faith

How can I make a donation to your organization?

Thank you so much for wanting to help Planet Hope. We appreciate any donation or tip we receive from clients or viewers. You can do this by going to our ‘Support Us!’ page on our website.

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