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Welcome to the PHCE Around the World in 80 Days Christian Charity contest! We are so happy that you are considering sponsoring this contest and helping out a Christian Charity. PHCE exists for charities, so you really make our work possible.

Pledges will go to the HOPE Business Program, but by sponsoring this contest, you get a say in how your sponsorship money will be distributed to an 80 Days Charity according to the Rules for Charities. Your specifications also must not exclude any particular country. For example, you could delegate your contribution to:

  • The most liked charity that primarily serves women
  • The charity with the least likes
  • The charity that’s been in operation the longest

In appreciation for your efforts, for each dollar you pledge over $20, you will receive a story of the equivalent number of words. For example, by pledging and distributing $100, we will write a 100-word written piece, posted on our blog so you can share it with your own supporters! You can make multiple pledges and receive multiple stories, or make one large pledge for one large story. The choice is yours!

If you are an organization, we will include your logo and reference to your website.

Rules for Sponsors

Any times and dates mentioned are in Mountain Standard Time (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada).

Anyone can be a sponsor, just to to our GoFundMe page and they will take it from there! You are more than welcome to remain anonymous, and to let us determine which 80 Days winner will be credited with the gift. After you make your donation, please contact us if you would like to claim your story and decide what kind of charity you want your gift to support.

After you’ve made your pledge, we will write a short thank you post with some information about you and/or your company, or an anonymous thank-you if that is your wish. Please ensure someone is available within 2 weeks of being contacted by PHCE for the full interview for your official story.

Once we’ve received confirmation that your payment has been processed, we will release your story as soon as it’s ready.

You can be a sponsor and a nominator, however the rules apply equally to all nominees, so while you may use your influence to try and increase the likes on a nomination comment in the same way that any other nominator can, your charity will not receive any special treatment from PHCE.

If you nominate your own charity, you have the opportunity to let your colleagues know to help you vote!

Anyone can nominate any Christian non-profit anywhere in the world that has viewed our website. Nominators can also include staff and representatives of PHCE, and staff and representatives of their own charity. For some prizes, only the post with the most likes will be counted, so the best way to help your charity is to make sure they haven’t already been nominated to avoid splitting likes between posts. Once our site has been viewed in a country, according to our administrative stats operated by WordPress, nominations will officially be open for that country.

All prizes will be announced by December 10th.

Services rendered from the HOPE Business Program for Around the World in 80 Days must be used by January 31, 2021, and any unused value will be released to the general HOPE Program.

Our resources are limited, so the official winners will be the first to receive prizes. However we will do our best to highlight honourable mentions so that eligible runners-up will also receive some recognition.

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“Consequently, faith comes from hearing
the message, and the message is heard through the word about Christ.”
~ Romans 10:17

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