Angels In Action Part 3

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  • by Emmy McKirgan

Angels in Action has been doing outreach for the past three years. Randy Cotterhill is the founder of the organization, and his right-hand man is Darrin Bresselaar. Both are recovering addicts who live at the Dream Center. In his first year, Randy spent over $20,000 of his own money to provide the necessities for the homeless in Calgary.  They have numerous volunteers, some of whom are recovering addicts and even currently homeless. Contact the organization to see how you can help. 

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Part 3: What can you do to help? 

Angels in Action are in search of a large/oversized cooktop that can be pulled with the van, so they can set up anywhere to cook. The current cooktop is relatively small and insufficient to make food for a large crowd of people. Ideally, something that the van could pull would be better suited. 

Speaking of vans, they need more vans to reach more people. If you or anyone you know, personally or as an organization, would like to help, please reach out on Facebook to Randy or Darrin via phone at 587-832-1592. 

Practically speaking, our friends need socks – lots of socks. Wool socks are better as they keep the heat in when cold. 

Contact the organization to see how you can help. 

Long term Goals 

One day, Angels in Action aims to be a Canada-wide organization. Having  Angels in Action in every province will support our most needy friends. You can volunteer in many different ways by visiting their website and contacting Randy personally. You can donate financially also via Facebook. Currently, they are working on a website to be able to accept donations more efficiently. You can contact Randy or Darrin regarding all donations. 

You can find them on Facebook as Angels in Action Inc.

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Planet Hope Christian Enterprising will be working on a video for the organization. Look for it to come in the next month. 

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