Tomorrow is Easter Sunday: He is Risen!


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By Emmy McKirgan

History of Easter 

The following site says this about the history of Easter: ‘The word Easter comes from Eastre, the Anglo-Saxon word for the Teutonic goddess of spring. As Christianity spread to the Northern tribes of Europe, the fact that the Church celebrated Christ’s Resurrection in the early spring led to the word for the season being applied to the greatest of holidays. (In the Eastern Church, where the influence of Germanic tribes was very minor, the day of Christ’s Resurrection is called Pascha, after the Pasch or Passover.).”

Why Easter? 

The holiday concludes the “Passion of Christ,” a series of events and holidays that begins with Lent—40 days of fasting, prayer, and sacrifice—and ends with Holy Week. (Lent is 40 days, not counting Sundays) 

There is some division of what day Jesus rose – was it Sunday? Does Sunday count as two days rather than 3? Did they celebrate Easter Sunday to coincide with pagan/ astrological occurrences? Like with many other things, there is controversy. Since we are not living during the actual event, we can’t honestly know. 

Here is What We Do Know: 

Easter is one of the biggest holidays in the Christian faith! This is the day we celebrate his resurrection from the dead! If he didn’t rise – would we be serving this Jesus? Would there be any reason to do so? 

Black Friday, or what we now know as Good Friday (read my Good Friday post here), was the prequel, if you will, to the resurrection day – a.k.a. Easter Sunday. 

The more profound question to ask yourself today is: Do you believe? Do you know that Jesus rose from the dead? Do you know he died on “Good Friday” for you and took your sins, shame, and pain? Have you given your life to him? Then today is the day! Don’t waste another moment not being sure – do it! 

Take the leap of faith and admit you need Him -that you don’t know how to follow him – but you want to try! 

This doesn’t mean you have it all together – actually, that’s a misbelief – needing to have your life in a neat little pile. 

God will meet you where you are at – in the brokenness, the pain, the shame, whatever is your circumstance. He is waiting – he is longing for you to call to Him, look deep within, and know you are looking for more. 

It will be an incredible testimony that you were saved on Easter Sunday! 

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“Consequently, faith comes from hearing
the message, and the message is heard through the word about Christ.”
~ Romans 10:17

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