National Pi Day

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By Emmy McKirgan

What do you think of when you hear it’s National Pi day??? Most of us think of pie, not Pi. The mathematicians in the world will think of PI immediately. In contrast, the rest of us think of our favorite delicious pie, whether blueberry or meat. There are so many to choose from. But fear not, there is lots of PI and PIE to go around for everyone on this day! Read below.

Where on Earth did Pi Day Begin?

The history of the mathematical PI day dates back a few thousand years. The value of pi was first calculated by Archimedes of Syracuse (287–212 BC), one of the greatest mathematicians of the ancient world.
Fast forward to 1988 San Francisco, where it was thought up by physicist Larry Shaw. Shaw linked March 14 with the first digits of pi (3.14) to organize a special day to bond the Exploratorium staff together.

Here’s the best part: he offered fruit pies and tea to everyone starting at 1:59 pm; he’s my kind of guy!

As if the day isn’t “mathy” enough – it’s also Albert Einstein’s birthday today!

Currently, PI day is celebrated worldwide by math nerds and citizens alike. In 2019, Unesco decided to observe Pi Day as the International Day of Mathematics.

Pi Day has become a pop culture phenomenon. Many people celebrate with various math-related activities, but the best of them is eating all the pie you want!

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