Father’s Day

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By: Lana Obeid

Imagine sitting at a square dinner table where a family gathers to eat and drink to celebrate Father’s Day. There is one biological father sitting at the head of the table and his children and wife wish him a Happy Father’s Day. This is an ideal traditional image of Father’s Day. Many can’t relate to this picture-perfect moment in today’s day in age and that’s okay.

A more realistic image is of a round table filled with biological fathers, father figures, empty chairs where a father use to be, children who don’t have anyone to call father, stand-in fathers, fathers who lost children or a child, new fathers, those who wish to be fathers, single fathers, single mothers who are both mother and father to their children, father’s trying their best, step-fathers, co-parenting fathers, foster fathers, and anyone who considers themselves a father all sit around this table with those they love and remember what it means to be a father. 

A father is love, kind, merciful, compassionate, giving, protects, trusts, hopes, works hard, imperfect but perfect in their children’s eyes. 

To me, Father’s Day is not only for the father but for the children to remember who their father is, whoever that might be or not be, here at Planet Hope we celebrate and remember all the different kinds of father’s in or not in our lives.

So, we sit at this round table and gives cheers with our glasses full to all the fathers. 

Happy Father’s Day to all!

What did you think? Do you agree or disagree with the ideas presented above?

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