Palm Sunday- a Time of Celebration and Remembrance

Palm Sunday is a time to remember Jesus’ triumphant entry as King! How did Jesus, a king, a saviour, enter? On a young donkey.

He came in as a humble servant. Although, there were shouts of joy that he was King and, he is, and most definitely the King of kings, he came to this world to serve and to be a sacrificial lamb.

Yes, the people where celebrating and held palm branches, which later in the book of revelations points to be a symbol of victory, upon further reading.

And rightly so, because Jesus was about to be killed for our sins so that if we believe in him we will have eternal life and be victorious.

Why was a celebration happening before Jesus was about to die? I think, it was to show that even though Jesus was about to die, he was doing it for us, like said above, after his death we would be free.

Remember Jesus, didn’t stay dead, he rose and gave us true victory: a life free from sin and an ability to have a true relationship with God.

Now fast forward to today, many Christian’s remember this day or celebrate it in various ways. Some, just remember while others read blessings and read the scripture while holding and blessing palm branches.

However, there is no clear record as to how Palm Sunday became the Palm Sunday we know today. However, people were celebrating it since the 4th century so it could be presumed that it was always celebrated.

It would make sense, for people to have always celebrated it.

So, let us take today as a time of celebration, reflection, and remembrance!

What did you think? Do you agree or disagree with the ideas presented above?

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