Zero-Discrimination Day 2021- Butterfly Freedom in a Covid Restricted World

paper kite butterfly perching on red flower in close up photography

Butterflies, the symbol of renewal, growth, a new creation, endurance, strength, beauty and freedom. A fitting symbol for this year’s Zero-Discrimination Day. Many people have had to endure and fight to flourish against discrimination. They have fought in many different ways, and one way being through awareness. 

This year’s focus is on Covid-19’s vaccine distribution and how it has become discriminatory for certain nations. According, to the Executive Director of UNAIDS message, Covid-19 vaccines have not been disturbed equally around the world. Some countries only have one dose while others have given out more than 75% of the vaccines. 

This is an issue because Health Care is a right. In an ideal world, all kinds of people, no matter who they are, should have access to Health Care including medication. Let alone, during a global pandemic, where the world is affected. Compassion and awareness are key in ending discrimination when it comes to vaccine distribution and discrimination in general. 

Let us end the fight, through growing in awareness and compassion, and in turn becoming strong and healthy together. 

What did you think? Do you agree or disagree with the ideas presented above?

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