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New Sunshine in Malawi Video – Please Subscribe to Our YouTube Channel

  • by Lidi

For you, handmade with Canadian and Australian love! Let me know if you would like a video of your own for you to promote your business or showcase personal memories 😃 Thanks to Ash & Emblem and Gogo Grandmothers

Meet Rebecca Lynch-Wells, a Canadian expat living in Australia. She’s the founder of Ash & Emblem, a project to produce quality artwork for a cause. Rebecca uses charcoal and pencil mediums to draw copies of photographs. Honestly, with some of her work you can’t even tell that it’s not a photo. As part of the Sunshine in Malawi Crowdfunding team, Rebecca has found yet another way to make a difference in the lives of those she loves – orphans and their families.

Want your own special photo of a family, friend, or pet turned into a large custom canvas you can hang on your wall? Donate to our crowdfunding project today! 20% of net proceeds go to Gogo Grandmothers in Malawi. Check out Rebecca’s work on her Facebook page at: To donate, please go to: To learn more about the Gogo Grandmothers, go to:

LOVING rediscovering my video editing/directing passion. Some of you may remember the first video I made when I was 12, and a few projects in between. Now I’m so grateful to be able to use my passion to help people every day. Now we’ve got donations in both the service subsidy pool on GoFundMe ( as well as the operating fund on Fundrazr (!

Which one will get there first? Check out our gifts at, then once you know what you want, make a donation, and order up before the Christmas deadline! Watch the donation progress bar chug along, also increasing donations to help orphans in Malawi!

Thanks to Rebecca Lynch-Wells and Ash & Emblem for the filming and voice (from our Zoom meeting). It may only be four minutes in the video but that’s at 1500% speed…so…thanks for your love and dedication! Thanks to Gogo Grandmothers for your passion to help build up the lives of children and families in Malawi – it’s amazing to stay updated on their progress and see those little faces! And thanks to you, reader, for sharing this with as many people as you can!

I love the casual as well as the professional style of video making. Any other editors on here? How long have you been at it, and what got you going?

Thanks for reading!

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