Sunshine In Malawi – Joint Crowdfunding

What is Planet Hope?

“First thing I ever organized was a treasure hunt.” These are the words of Planet Hope Christian Enterprise’s Founder Lisa Brock. In an interview with Leslie Lewis,  U.S Coordinator for Gogo Grandmothers (GGG), and Rebecca Lynch-Wells, founder of Ash & Emblem, Three Philanthropists have collaborated on an amazing crowdfunding project titled, “Sunshine in Malawi.”

When asked what motivated Brock to start Planet Hope, she described that she’s always had a passion for charity and a drive to educate and inspire others to participate in acts of benevolence and humanitarianism, while also paying tribute to God’s work. Planet Hope has allowed her to do so. Planet Hope offers affordable marketing services to everyone but especially, to charities who can sometimes have issues covering these kinds of costs. Some of the services offered include creative services, consultation services, fundraising services and advertising space on their platforms. Even more impressive is Planet Hope’s HOPE Business Program that offers access to partially or even fully subsidized services. Lisa was well aware of the accessibility gap for services for charities, specifically those that have to compete with larger charities with greater resources. 

What is Sunshine in Malawi? 

Sunshine in Malawi is a crowdfunding initiative created with the goal of raising funds for three very admirable projects. As a start-up, the Planet Hope team is hoping to raise funds for Planet Hope so that they can continue to offer high-quality and affordable services to their clients. They also wanted to contribute to another worthy cause at the same time! Donors can donate to the crowdfunding campaign and receive amazing gifts that correspond with their tier of donations. Some gifts will be provided by Rebecca, founder of Ash & Emblem. These donations contribute to the Gogo Grandmother’s organization as well. 

What is Gogo Grandmothers? 

Gogo Grandmothers is a faith-based SAFE (Sub-saharan African Family Enrichment) project. Its purpose is to support grandparents caring for children who have lost their parents, widely due to the HIV/AIDS epidemic, in Malawi. The U.S based team works with the on-the-ground team in Malawi. The focus of the program is to provide physical, mental, emotional and spiritual development. This could include child care, early childhood development and educational development. They also offer practical assistance through food security, providing seed, fertilizer, clothing and other essentials. Some of their more notable initiatives include building child care centers with the collaboration of community members

What is Ash & Emblem? 

Ash & Emblem was founded by Rebecca Lynch-Wells this year in Melbourne, Australia. Rebecca and Lisa have known each other for years and came together to collaborate for projects such as Sunshine In Malawi. Rebecca has always been passionate about helping others and the creation of Ash & Emblem helped her to combine two of her passions in an altruistic sense. Rebecca as well works in the name of God in order to spread kindness and compassion. Working with both Planet Hope and the Gogo’s, she sells her artwork to contribute to causes she’s passionate about. This is why she is helping this crowdfunding campaign by offering her art as rewards for donating.  She believes that “drawings can bring joy,” which is what motivated her during the Australia fires to bring a little joy into the world when there was so much pain and misfortune. 

During the interview one thing became very clear; they all have a passion for helping people and doing so through Christian values. You can all contribute to the work they are doing by donating whatever you can to a worthy cause! Please find crowdfunding information below. 

Crowdfunding Info

Our goal is to raise $50,000 for our 2021 operating expense to offer the lowest cost services for those who need them most. In addition, we want to offer even more help by raising $5,000 toward full or partial service subsidies to those in the most need. Even better: 20% of net proceeds raised will go to the Gogo Grandmothers. For a donation of only $400CAD or more, Ash & Emblem will offer custom portraits in either charcoal or pencil, in colour or black-and-white.

For more information take a look at Planet Hope’s website: When you donate just $25CAD or more, you unlock special gifts. Different tiers of donations have their own set of branded and eco-friendly gifts. 

The deadline for donations and gifts is December 31st, 2020, so tell your friends and help us end this challenging year with some Global Good!

What did you think? Do you agree or disagree with the ideas presented above?

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