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7 Steps to Giving Tuesday Success – Don’t Miss Out!

Here are some amazing ideas to make a splash for Giving Tuesday this year. Ain’t no pandemic gonna keep you down! Let us know if you need any support with these ideas – we are happy to help.

  1. Before the campaign starts (Today, maybe tomorrow if your audience is used to hearing from you on a Saturday, and Monday) create messages warming people up for your campaign. Include some photos or numbers of how donations have helped you in the past, especially small donations! For example, if someone donated just $10, what would that allow your camp to do? Also include bigger items on your wishlist as well – think of it as segmenting your audience into small, medium, and large givers. Don’t forget the category of non-givers who can still be supporters by sharing your messages with their friends and family. 
  2. In addition to the messages you’ve been sending already, day before and day-of messages will help to hone it in. Don’t be afraid to post multiple updates that day. First, open the Giving Tuesday event and welcome people to your giving campaign. Be specific about what tangible things the campaign will be raising money for. For example, are you trying to provide sponsorships for families? Buy some new equipment? Say exactly how much each amount will impact your organization. 
  3. Then, throughout the day, post a couple of live updates of how your campaign is doing. Be specific about how it’s helping. For example, you could say, “A generous donor has just donated $100! This will provide one new canoe for families to use all summer,” or “Bella just donated $50 – this is the value of a one-week program for one child!” Always include links of how to donate in each message!
  4. At the end of the day, thank donors and indicate how much was raised. Include something specific, such as “This amount has built up 10% of our operating budget for next year! This will help us provide 1 sponsorship for a family, buy two new canoes, and repaint the walls of our dining hall. Stay tuned for updates.” Next year, if you use the money for any of these things, find a way to post a photo or update about it. In this final message, include information about how donors can continue to give throughout the year, and some more items for your wishlist. 
  5. Always invite people to share your messages with their circle if they can’t give financially. If possible, thank them for this effort. 
  6. Here’s a free, quick and easy crowdfunding platform that you may want to use. It’s called Fundrazr and it’s designed for charities. We at Planet Hope have started to use it, and I love it!
  7. In conclusion, include lots of pictures, videos if possible, such as a message from you or key people in your organization. Encourage past clients to get involved to spread the message and stories of how your camp has impacted them. Be specific about how donations will help you in the future, and indicate how they have helped in the past. Give people different options for how to get involved. Thank people, and give updates! 

Remember, small donations add up. Donations are likely to look like either a negative line or a normal curve – fewer people are likely to give larger amounts. It’s important to provide options for all, and make everyone feel like they are making a difference!

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