Sunshine in Malawi – Sponsorship of GoGo Grandmothers

Thanks so much to Rebecca Lynch-Wells and Ash & Emblem for your amazing support of our crowdfunding campaign! We are so happy to work together to support Gogo Grandmothers and their mission to bring hope to Malawi. A portion of Planet Hope’s crowdfunding campaign will support the Ash and Emblem and the Gogos!Check out how to help Planet Hope reach our goals:’s Facebook page:’s Website: and Emblem’s Facebook Page:

Ash & Emblem

First installment of the @planethope_ce #collaboration !I am currently making a number of hand-designed cards. Their purpose is to share in enthusiastic gratitude alongside Planet Hope Christian Enterprise, thanking sponsors of this new, not-for-profit marketing organisation. PHCE aims to “do as much as we can in the world” and “provide creative and support services for all.” Stay tuned for more ‘thank-you-for-your-support to PHCE’ cards and updates, and check out for more information about this awesome initiative by @lisadieulene ! She writes great blogs, too! PS Thank you Aunt Shauna for the gorgeous sunflower photo!#sunflower#flowers#fall#springtime#seasons#family#faithhopelove#thanksgiving#gratitude#cards#handdrawn#art#graphitedrawing#pencildrawing#christmasiscoming#supportlocalartists#supportsmallbusiness#thankyouforyoursupport#charity#mission#allglorybetochrist#isaiah6130People Reached0EngagementsBoost Unavailable1 ShareLikeCommentShare

Rebecca at Ash & Emblem can take your photo from this….
….to THIS!

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“Consequently, faith comes from hearing
the message, and the message is heard through the word about Christ.”
~ Romans 10:17

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