Emmy McKirgan

Hello everyone my name is Emmy McKirgan. I have always enjoyed writing, I have journaled through many times in my life : during the highs and lows, the easy and the hard, the questions and answers. I find it much easier to “speak” with written words rather than trying to explain myself verbally. 

I am a new member of WordPress and of PHCE. I am looking forward to learning the craft of writing for the purpose of sharing my authentic self with others. Applying for this internship was a leap of faith as I have never formally been trained to write. I don’t have the same eloquence of writing as some do. But what I do have is a desire to learn and to help others with the stories of my hard times, of overcoming obstacles and fears because of my faith and belief in God, even while questioning the circumstances of life. 

I hope you will check out more of my stories as I branch out and walk out this dream in my heart. May something I say resonate with you and help you in some way. I want to share with you about my recovery after a car accident,my struggles with anxiety and depression along with my passion and heart for helping those who have suffered, those enduring homelessness or other frailties of this life. And how to bring joy and hope into each story, including my own. 


What did you think? Do you agree or disagree with the ideas presented above?

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