Dana Mah

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 I’m Dana, a creative intern an PCHE! I’m a recent design graduate from MacEwan University and least to say with the world in the state it is in I felt compelled to help or make a difference with my recently gained profession. Learning about people and giving them a voice through the lens of design fuels my passion. When I’m not doing anything design related I enjoy playing/listening to music, having a nice cup of coffee, and drawing the occasional doodle.

As I start to gain experience through this internship I hope to strengthen my faith but also spread hope or the message of God. I’ve never challenged myself in this way before so this is a journey for me as well. These times may be tough but I believe it’s a process we’re all going through together, so let’s work together! It’s super nice to meet you all and I’m excited to start this new journey God has for me.

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