A Sense of Comfort – featuring Viola Fullerton

Today I got to hang out with my church’s writers’ group for the first time. It was a little intimidating, being the newest to the group, but they made me feel so welcome and even let me read a few things! I learned so much from these published authors and beautiful women. For a group challenge, We were given five inspiration words: risk, timid, broken, hope, and fear. In about ten minutes, we were to write a piece using those words. I finished the last chapter of a ten-book series I’m working on (and may or may not finish). One member of the group wrote a personal piece that I loved, and I was like, “Can I put that on my blog?” and she was like, “Yeah, sure!”

So here’s a piece by 80-year-old Viola Fullerton, a Canadian author, written to the millennials in this pandemic.

A Sense of Comfort

We, my sister Edie, and her husband, Willard, went to a neighborhood country restaurant, recently opened. It seemed risky, on observing the waitress not wearing a mask.

“Won’t you wear a mask?” we timidly asked.

“No, we’re not required to here,” was her response, which left us thinking she thought there was no risk.

The waitress brought us water as she hovered over us and took our order.

I set my water away by the wall after she went off to place our order with the cook.

“I won’t drink that,” I said.

As I thought about it, I was overcome by the hope that we would not suffer the consequences of a possible encounter with a danger that seems to be that seems to be all around us.

That brought a sense of comfort.

– Viola Fullerton

2 responses to “A Sense of Comfort – featuring Viola Fullerton”

  1. Elaine Thiessen Avatar

    I finally found this. I love it. Thanks so much for sharing this perspective on the pandemic—through the eyes of someone in their 80’s. I shared it on my FB.

    1. Thanks so much for checking it out, Elaine! I really enjoyed hearing from you and the other writers. I look forward to our next meeting!

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