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Just A Thought

Dear People Who Believe Climate Change Isn’t Real,

I know you’re scared. I’m scared too. We are asking you to make a lot of changes that would radically redefine how you live your lives. So I get it. But let me ask you something, a question someone else asked. So what if climate change is fake?

No really, so what? What if these increases in global temperature and natural disasters are just part of a “natural cycle” that has nothing to do with releasing millions of tons of surplus of carbon emissions per day? Let’s pretend that has nothing to do with it. Just think about that statistic though: we burn millions of tons of fossil fuels per day. You do at least believe that fossil fuels are non-renewable, right? Do you sincerely believe that these fuels will last us forever? Would you rather conserve it now and use it to develop renewable resources or scramble after the last drop runs out?

I know for a lot of you it won’t be your problem. The oil will probably outlast you, so yay. But do you have any young people in your life that you care about at all?

And okay, maybe our fossil fuels aren’t causing climate change and we will be able to indefinitely find more oil reserves. Do you at least know where a majority of our oxygen comes from? Trees and chorals? I’m sure you know that in our endless pursuit of oil, we destroy these air-filtering, oxygen making miracles that take decades to return to their full powers. So what if we try to protect our precious air? So what if we try to make our oceans and forests a little cleaner to support the ecosystems we depend on today, whethe or not the Earth is warming catastrophically?

So yea, climate change is fake. You’ve got your tractors, and your airplanes, and your spaceships. And we thank you for your positive contributions. But is oxygen-production fake? Is oil a renewable resource? And are you committed to living in a world where your beliefs are real? Will you condemn me, and my children, and your children, and their children, to that world?

As I’m sure you’ve told your kids at least once in their lives: “We can do this the easy way, or we can do this the hard way.” Either way, we are doing this. It’s a choice we make for each other every day.

You’ve got this . I believe in you. We may not share the same beliefs, but we still share the same world.


Your Fellow Human Beings

2 thoughts on “Just A Thought”

  1. Very poignant, thank you so much for sharing this thought 🙂 also by thinking with a future perspective, ie of wanting the best for our children and grandchildren, are we also thankful for what we currently have, for the future we can have, and for the opportunities, knowledge and resources to be able to sustain a stream of life and blessing into future generations?

    1. My pleasure Rebecca, thanks for the comment! I agree with you, it’s also important to be grateful for where we are at in the present. We have so much that we can use now to invest in a brighter future for everyone.

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