Lidi, Original Story, Story, Unwritten Hope


I stared at my horror-struck expression, shocked into total speechlessness. Slowly, I moved closer, certain I had to be mistaken. But the truth was there, reflected in the glass. Each and every one of my eyelashes was gone.

I blinked my naked eyes, once, twice. And then, delayed reaction, I gasped. My beautiful lashes. This was low, even for him. lower than the time he dyed all my clothes fluorescent green, or filled my backpack with dieting books.

“RONALD!” came my echo before I knew I had screamed. The door banged on the wall. “Ronald Hamilton Smith, you get out here right now!”

“Yes?” He appeared out of nowhere, leaning against the wall. he looked not innocent nor guilty, merely curious as to why I would summon him from his depths at such an unseemly hour.

As if he didn’t know.

“Would you like something?”

Oh, what I wouldn’t give to wipe that expression clean off his face. to wipe his face clean off his head.

“Ella, what do you want?”

Let Ronald get away with it? or Give him a piece of my mind?


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