Dream Review, Lidi, The Ambassador

My Dream (starring John Krasinski)

A lot of you may know I’m a pretty vivid dreamer. Sometimes I talk in my sleep. Sometimes I wake up convinced it’s real and there’s something I’m supposed to do. Maybe if you’ve gone through a soul-tearing breakup you know that dreaming of your soulmate is the worst, especially when things are so good in the dream and you wish it had been real.

Last night was pretty trippy. In my dream, our house was also a mall or something, completely open concept. No privacy in the bathroom, and our sofa facing the breezeway where John Krasinski was using my BBQ. But we will get to that.

Somehow, that aforementioned soulmate was simultaneously Felix Kjellberg (yes I don’t know where these names come from) and I was simultaneously Marzia. And I don’t know guys, we were just trying to get to sleep but still having the best conversation. Our bed was simultaneously a couch. Like not a pullout I don’t think, but a couch and a bed at the same time. We were laughing and I was snuggling Felix and John was trying to grill waffle burgers just outside in the mall. And he failed and we all laughed at him, and our kids laughed, and I laughed because I was millionaire Marzia Kjellberg married to a weird, good-looking Swedish billionaire. Just an all around good day that was also the middle of the night. Also our bathtub was a two storey deep swimming pool.

So yeah. Woke up thinking I was rich, beautiful, and and famous with famous friends. In a happy, sarcastic, loving relationship.

People in the Bible has some pretty screwed up dreams too. My favourite was the Pharoah dreaming about cows eating each other. No wonder he cracked and let a prisoner run the country.

What weird dreams have you had? Do you believe some are direct messages from God?

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