Story: Why the poles are cold

Once upon a time in a far away land there were three beautiful princesses named Azur, Casser, and Hayden. Hayden and Casser were horrible, mean princesses who wreaked revenge on any maidens whom they thought were prettier than them, so most of the kingdom was in constant misery. They plotted ways to kill their beautiful sister Azur, but their plans were always foiled. 
         One day Azur got tired of her sisters’ plots and decided to get them back. She hired a fairy to put a curse on her sisters, so that anything that they ate made them incredibly obese. Eventually, they became so fat that they broke the castle in two, and then they flattened all the farmers fields, and then they destroyed the kingdom. All the while, Azur was feeling bad for the horrible thing she had done, even though her sisters couldn’t execute anyone anymore for being prettier than them. Before they became so fat they flattened the entire country, Azur hired a flock of a million dragons and a team of a billion rope makers. Each rope maker made a rope, and Azur and all the villagers and people in the land helped to tie the ropes around Casser and Hayden. Then the dragons took a thousand ropes each and they flew to the north and south poles of the earth. Azur then became queen for her heroism and cleverness, and because her mother had been flattened. 
          Three years later, after many days of peace, there was a terrible earthquake. Azur sent one of her dragons to find out what was going on, because she couldn’t figure out how an earthquake that big could happen. The dragon came back and told her: “My families and I took your sisters Casser and Hayden to opposite ends of the earth as you asked, but they are so fat they are tilting the earth. What are you going to do, your Majesty?”
         Azur thought and thought, as the ground kept shaking and the kingdom kept crumbling down. Finally, she summoned her fairy advisor.
         “There is only way to solve this traumatic problem,” the fairy concluded. “I must charm your sisters so that they become invisible and weightless as the air, so that they float up and take the pressure off the earth. But since they have already tilted the earth, whenever the earth is in the right position, they will blot out the sun for half of the year at the north and south poles. I cannot make them invisible to the sun.”
         It took Azur a month of sleepless nights to finally make her decision. She told the fairy to go ahead with her plan, and every year after that the dragons reported that the sun was blotted out on either ends of the earth for half of every year. But they noticed that the life was not returning with the sun, and that snow covered the ground even in the middle of summer. Azur commanded all the dragons in the world to go to the north and south poles of the earth and use their fiery breath to thaw the thickening snow. but their efforts were in vain, and the poles remained cold all year long from then on out. 

The end.


What did you think? Do you agree or disagree with the ideas presented above?

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