80 Days Details

Welcome to Planet Hope Christian Enterprising’s Around the World in 80 Days – Celebrating Christian Charities everywhere! Brought to you by Unwritten Hope, The Ambassador, and Everyday Christian.

The contest is fun for everyone! Once we see that we have a visitor from a specific country on our administrative stats page, we will add that country as a post down below. Post a comment with your country and your favorite Christian charity operating within that country. On each Saturday, we will temporarily close the comments to determine which charity commented on each new country post has the greatest number of likes. That one will be the winner for that country! If no new countries or charities have been added that week, one charity or country may win multiple times. After the weekly count, commenting and liking will then be resumed.

The contest ends on December 1, 2020, MST (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada). If you have a business, please consider sponsoring this contest to potentially gain global exposure for your brand! Also, remember to subscribe to stay up to date on the winners, and when a country goes live!

The weekly winning charities receive a 30 minute interview to create a 500 word story posted on our blog. After Day 80 on November 30, our grand prize winners will receive additional prizes. See our 80 Days Sponsors for a list of additional available prizes. To increase the chances of your charity winning, don’t forget to share on your own social media pages (#phce80Days) as well and invite your friends to like your comment. We look forward to shining a little light on as many charities as we can, and can’t wait to announce our Grand Prize Winners! Have fun everyone!

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