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This is your spoiler alert.

Watching Overcomer with my church over Zoom. Already saw the Say Movienight Kevin Review, so I’m already pretty biased. Some of the jokes are pretty funny. Generally a basic underdog sports movie with a random prodigal parent thread thrown in. I feel like the two plots could have been separated into two different movies, they don’t really fit together. Also, the dialogue and acting are not that great. Very stilted and unnatural. Love the lighting sets, and filmography, though. Very bright.

Of course there’s the big “becoming a Christian montage.” In most other story worlds where the principle brings a child to faith, they would be in soooo much trouble.

The ending gave me chills though. Who hasn’t jammed out to “Overcomer” by Mandisa? Anyway, I write a lot to my son, in case anything happens to me, but now I want to make sure I have a letter for each important event in his life!

Overall it was a watchable movie. Questionable decisions from all the characters and producers involved, but I think you will learn something.



Check out Kevin’s review here: https://youtu.be/is0kZzMaW6g

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  1. This movie is pretty okay, but I think faith films have a long way to go. What’s your favourite Christian movie? Is it actually good?

  2. What’s your favourite Christian movie? Is it actually good?

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